Day 182 (of 184) #canflip14

I have the greatest difficulty using iMovie as an app option for students. I look forward to reviewing your remaining notes. Thanks for the post.

technolandy: site of Ian Landy

Day 182 (of 184) #canflip14

A beautiful day in the gorgeous Okanagan College Atrium – that was my first introduction to hosted by education leaders @math_johnson & @c_durley – a very positive start to our day of learning.


Our keynote was @chemicalsams – the and guy – who clarified that flipped classrooms are not just about video – video is important, but video lecture preview at night and work in class the next day is essentially flipped classroom 101 – a start but not ‘the end’…

His big rant is about how traditionally we have sent the tough/frustrating work home to families that may not have either the expertise for support nor the time to ‘figure it out’ – the model of delivering content at school (few questions) and practicing the hard stuff at home needed to be ‘flipped’.

If those in education-rich households struggle…

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