Usually in June

June 4, 2013

Teachers find a way to avoid extra work and look toward the coming weeks as a time to think less about the classroom. I need to review and reflect on my past practice in a serious way. I don’t want to make the same mistakes that I made this year.

Right Now is about starting September with a new zeal, with a new appeal. My right-brain is working on projects and processes, objectives and assessments and every argument I’ve read about prescriptive lesson building versus experiential learning.

This site is meant to guide me through the next September with a methodical plan to put into practice some of those genius ideas that come from time to time. I want to capture them. I want to track their success and I want to build from new experiences to better experiences for my students.

I live in the Hazeltons, where darkness invades early fall and remains for six months when the rivers finally gush the heavy snowfalls to the Pacific Ocean. In that darkness schools struggle to ignite the hibernating souls. It’s not just a career.

Here goes!